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Parent's Portal

Parent's Guide to Baseball

We all want the best for our players, whether you are a coach, sponsor, manager and especially as a parent.  We want them to succeed and build confidence not only as a ball player, but as a person.  

You as a parent(s)/guardian(s) can play many roles for your child, their biggest fan, motivator, role model or critic.  You can also help as a coach, volunteer or simply as a role model.  You influence an athlete’s involvement and achievement in sports as well with a joint effort with the coaching staff. 

Take the time to review our Volunteer page to see where you can help support the league and the kids.  We are a volunteer-based league, and all parents are encouraged to help out where and when they can.  Whether it is being a team parent or field preparation before the game.

Keep in mind each player has different strengths and weaknesses, talents, development and uniqueness.  But baseball is not about one player, but as a team.  Together we are here to build their passion for the game and ethics.  Let's all work together and let them remember the some of the best time of their lives.  "GO SOUTH CITY!!"

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